Houston Aerial Photography and Sightseeing / Houston Airplane Tours

Depart from Houston's Hobby Airport in a modern, private aircraft for a professionally operated 45-55 minute flight for a photographic sightseeing flight over Houston including the ship channel, Downtown, Uptown/Galleria, and the Medical Center.

Downtown Houston (aerial)  Samera/Tiger

Feel free to coordinate any special requests with your pilot such as an over-flight of your home or office. Accommodations will be made for any requests as is possible with consideration given to safety, air traffic control coordination, and FAA regulation.

All flights must be conducted on clear weather days with minimal turbulence/wind to ensure maximum safety and comfort for passengers. Flight will remain within 25 miles of Hobby Airport. Pilot has final say on all flight operations and conditions.

Price: $250 for one to three passengers totaling no more than 420lbs (including camera equipment and other carry-on articles) with no single passenger weighing more than 250lbs. The weight restriction is for aircraft performance and safety.
Williams Tower, Houston, TX

Sarah sightseeing in Cessna 172

Aspen approach
DB Flying

Aircraft Repositioning/Ferrying

Reliable, experienced aircraft ferrying and delivery within North America. All ferry flights require custom pricing based on aircraft type, distance, and circumstances, so please contact us for more information and to get started.

About the Pilot

Your pilot holds an FAA Commercial Pilot certificate with ratings for Airplane Single Engine Land, Instrument Airplane, and endorsements for High Performance Airplane and Complex Airplane. He has conducted flights throughout the United States ranging from California to Florida to New York including mountain flights in and around Aspen, Colorado as well as operations in/out of some of the busiest airports in the country (LAX, DFW, IAH, etc.).

Cleared for Takeoff

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